Why I Do Not Offer My Clients Discs of Their Sessions

At E. Kracht Photography we do not offer our clients discs of their full sessions. Let me tell you why. We consider our studio a Full Service Studio. That means we are with you from start to finish; from the consultation to hanging your gallery wall.

Why I don't offer clients discs of sessions

I spend time with you before your session to really get a feel for your family dynamic and the best way to go about photographing your session. I want to make sure that we have chosen the very best locations and we have left very little to chance.

After your session, you will come in to view your images and choose your products. I will help you decide if a gallery wall, album, or several storyboards will be the best fit for your family’s needs.

I firmly believe in sending all of my clients out of my studio with finished products they can hang directly on their walls or set straight out for display. My clients pay me to do a service; I want to complete that service to the best of my ability. I am an expert on the products I offer and designing cohesive galleries and albums;  I feel that by sending a client home with a disc I am pushing off a huge part of my work. Not to mention I would be cheating my clients out of the experience of having a custom gallery or album designed specifically for them.

As a professional photographer I use a professional print lab that I trust completely with my art.

Why I don't offer clients discs of sessions

by handing out discs of images i am compromising the quality of my work.

If one of my images is printed through a service that I do not personally endorse those images and products will not be E. Kracht Photography originals. Not to mention those products probably won’t be of the high standards of which I hold my art.

I hold the products I sell  to such a high standard that if anything happens to them I guarantee them.  If a Gift Portrait is sun-stained or torn: I will replace it. If a Gallery Wrap warps in the sun or gets sun-stained: I will replace it. Every product that leaves my studio is inspected by me; I will not send a product out that I am not 1000% satisfied with.

another service that i am proud to offer is gallery hanging.

Yepp, that’s right; I will come to your house with my drill and tool belt in tow to hang that custom wall we designed at my studio. When I tell my clients this I have to really convince them I am not kidding! I have just sold you a $1000 gallery wall, I will come hang it for you. It’s not a joke! It’s part of being a full service studio; I am with you from the very beginning to the end.

There is a reason why I am  hesitant to send my clients out of the studio with solely a disc in hand. It isn’t because I am being petty or stingy; it is because I want you to have the most beautiful art possible.

Are you convinced that a Full Service Studio is the way to go?

Why I don't offer discs of sessions