What to Wear For Your Family Session

One of the most common questions I am asked is “What should we wear for family pictures?!”

How to choose what to wear for Family Pictures:

The first step is Mom choosing an outfit that she feels comfortable in. After all, we as women are typically the most unrelenting about the way we feel and look. Not to mention mom is usually the one making the product choices. If mom is comfortable, the rest will fall into place!

The next step in deciding what to wear for family pictures is pulling colors from mom’s outfit and incorporating them into each additional family member’s wardrobe.

I have put together several color pallets based on a few of my recent sessions to help demonstrate how to pick outfits for the family!

Our first example is easy!

Simple Summer Color PalletWe have mom in a crisp white dress. While her boys are in shades of blue and khaki. I see this color scheme as timeless. I’ve also included the greenery in our pallet to show that color could also be incorporated into any outfit choice








In our second example things get a little more complex.

Floral spring color palletMom has selected a floral dress with a white base. While dad is in blue jeans with a shirt that pulls from the flower colors. Each of the girls’ solid dresses also pulls from mom’s floral pattern. Mom’s dress included some tan as well, so khaki could also be an included color.







Our third example brings us to mixing patterns.

Classic color palletMom’s blouse is a base of golden rod with a navy floral pattern, while dad has a complementing chestnut striped shirt. Little man is wearing a dinosaur shirt that ties everything together. 








Choosing outfits for the family seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one! Choose something that you are comfortable in and build on that piece. As always, if you are having a hard time feel free to contact the studio and we’ll help you to narrow down your choices and help you make decisions! Your session is meant to be fun; it shouldn’t be a source of stress!

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