What I Am Reading Right Now

My hobbies typically vary by season. But two that are pretty constant are reading and working out. I enjoy reading suspense, historical fiction, memoirs, and personal development. My favorite type of book to read, fiction or non, are those set during World War II. I firmly believe in feeding my mind with words; it helps to keep me sharp, to learn new words, and keeps my quips and retorts quick and hilarious.

Right now I am reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

The Nightingale is a work of historical fiction based in France during World War II. It follows two sisters and their struggle to survive the Nazi occupied country. Vianne, striving to get by and be strong for her daughter as her husband is held captive. Isabelle, doing her part working with the resistance.

It is super interesting to read about World War II from the French perspective.

I have read plenty from the American viewpoint and quite a bit from German resistors and Jewish memoirs. I sometimes forget how long the war went on before American troops entered. Europe was completely obliterated; cities and countryside alike. German troops controlled everything from food to houses and whole towns; not to mention the people, across the continent.

It’s scary to think about how one group of people led by a single man felt so entitled as to believe they are superior. So much so as to start a war, detain, imprison, and torture those who didn’t line up with their ideal of what humanity should look like.

I am excited to finish this book!

What are you reading these days?