Style Tips


Establish a base color for outfits – grey, black, white, brown, you get the idea. Then – add some color – try a colorful scarf, cardigan, or pair of shoes

Wear something flattering – you’ll be sitting, standing, dancing, & moving all around. Make sure you FEEL comfortable in your choices!

Make sure you COORDINATE – not matchy matchy – choose a color scheme & build!

Pay attention to accesories – add some jewelry!

Your hands & feet will be in the photos – get a mani & pedi. Make sure those shoes are clean!


Wear something that isn’t you – you want to feel comfortable! You want your outfits & images to reflect your personality.

Wear anything too trendy – We want you to look stunning even when you look back whether it’s in 5, 10, or 20 years. You don’t want to look at your photos & wonder what the heck you were thinking!


Foundation – make sure your shade matches your skin tone – be shade matched by a professional to ensure this. If you do not have this opportunity, err on the side of light. Avoid going too dark.

Powder – Even if you don’t typically use a setting powder, we rocommed you do on the day of your session. We want to make sure you have a nice matte finish!

Blush – Add a natural color – avoid anything too shimmery.

Eyes – Go with matte neutral shade – agian avoid anything too shimmery & glittery – we want to see those beautiful eyes! As for eyeliner? Stick to just lining the lash line to thicken up those lashes, speaking of don’t forget that MASCARA! – choose a waterproof formula AKA sweat-proof!

Lips – go for a your lips, but better, lipstick or gloss – lipstick trends change just like clothing trends.