Quick & Dirty Guide To Get Organized Now


If you’re like me at all you get distracted super easily and an unorganized space is usually the cause of said distractions. There are several quick & dirty things I do every single day to get my shit together, accomplish all the things, and kick all the ass.

Get Organized Now

write out a bomb task list

After I start my coffee and take a few deep breaths and big stretches start on my task list. I keep my tasks all in a handy little notebook. Each day has its own page, so I don’t have one hundred million post its and scraps of paper flying around.

I’d like to say I start each day with a blank slate but sometimes the day before just doesn’t have enough hours. Those tasks get migrated over to the new day. Urgent tasks get a ! next to them so I know that needs to get done first. I usually try to group like tasks together on the list. The order doesn’t so much matter; for me what matters is getting it all out of my brain and visible so I’m not going loopy trying to remember it all.

complete a quick chore

When I’m cooling down from my workout I try to do a quick chore like unloading the dishwasher, starting a load of laundry, or vacuuming. It’s an easy way to feel accomplished and keep your house at a manageable level of chaos.

make your bed

It takes 5 seconds to pull the blankets up on your bed, you animal.

Now that we’ve done a few things around the house to get organized let’s move on to things you can do at work to keep the organization going.

My desk is a visual representation of what is going on in my brain all day. There is crap everywhere. It’s organized chaos most of the time. However, everything does have a proper place.

clean up before you leave.

At the end of my workday I always, always, always tidy up my desk. I file bills, ensure all print orders are in the proper place, replace all the pens that have found their way out of their jar, etc. You get the picture. I clean up the mess so that when I get to work the next day I have a completely clean slate to mess up all over again.


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