6 Tips To Prepare For Your High School Senior Session

High school senior sessions are one of my favorite types of session to photograph. I love watching all of my seniors really open up and come out of their shell during their session. By the end we’ve got some really great images of them laughing with real smiles and even some super sweet serious looks.

How to prepare for your high school senior session

For senior sessions I allot for about 6 outfits changes; some use these up, some do less. This enables each senior to incorporate sports, activities, or hobbies they enjoy into their session. My goal is that each session is unique and showcases individuality. Even though I leave most of these outfit decisions up to the senior themselves I usually always get asked for a little guidance.

over the years i have gathered some tried and true tips i’d like to share with anyone thinking about their high school senior session!

tip #1

Choose clothing that you are comfortable in! If you listen to nothing else I say; make sure this one sticks!  If you are not comfortable in the clothing you choose, it.will.show.

high school senior session

tip #2

Make sure you have some timeless or classic outfits. Now,  I love a good trend as much as the next girl; however, if you choose all trendy outfits you’ll end up aging yourself in the long run when you show off your images in a few years or decades.

tips #3

Wear that outfit mom wants you to. Do this one thing to make her happy, she will really appreciate that you thought enough about her to take her advice. Not to mention now, as a grown adult, my mom has picked out some of my favorite outfits and clothes over the years.

high school senior session

tip #4

Go ahead and incorporate your something unique to you. Maybe you play volleyball but don’t want to take pictures in your uniform. Do it! You’ll be glad you have them in 20 years. So you don’t play sports but you like to read, grab a couple of your favorite books; we’ll incorporate those in a super fun way.

high school senior session

tip #5

Professional hair styling. If you have your hair professionally styled, know that I will your hands up in your hair and will likely have you flipping it around to give it body and a new look throughout the session. This means that having any part of it pinned back could result in not having as much variety! All this being said, if that is what you want, I am happy to work with that, I am here for you!

high school senior session

tip #6

Professional makeup – this one is tricky and really depends on the senior. I don’t want you to end up not looking like you! If you choose to get your makeup done professionally always tell the artist specifically that you are having senior pictures done. They should know that this means NO glitter and a light hand. What I don’t want is for my seniors to end up with heavy eye shadow making their eyes dark. The goal is to brighten and enhance!

high school senior session

These are my 6 best tips to prepare for your high school senior session! Now, it’s time to call or email to book!