Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I’m a huge fan of anything audio; music, podcasts, audiobooks. I’m always on the go and having something in my ears to keep me occupied and entertained is welcome. I really enjoy listening to podcasts because they’re (mostly) one off episodes and you don’t have to have a super long attention span. I know by now we’re all aware that a long attention span is not a virtue I possess.

there are a few podcasts that I NEVER miss an episode of.

Podcasts you should be listening to

my favorite murder

I have always been a Muderino; was vaguely aware that there were others out there like me, but I had met very few. Way back in 2016 I was scrolling through the charts on iTunes when I saw a podcast titled My Favorite Murder. Naturally I was like uhm yes. Yes, please!! This is a true crime comedy podcast hosted by Georgia & Karen, two super funny and intelligent women. I feel that the ladies of MFM have made leaps & bounds in helping to release the stigma surrounding anxiety, depression, and mental illness in general. They’ve empowered thousands of woman to f*ck politeness, stay out of the forest, and most importantly to stay sexy, don’t get murdered.

being boss

This podcast is for all of us creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers. We’re a small but mighty and growing group in this world. And most of us are scared shitless. I love this podcast because Emily & Kathleen share all of their successes and failures and give tried and true business and personal advice. They have all sorts of amazing bosses on the show that also share their insights on life and business. The community of bosses they have assembled and united is truly amazing.

dear Sugars

Dear Sugars started out as an advice column on The Rumpus written by Steve Almond. Somewhere in the midst it was taken over by Cheryl Strayed. Who is one of my most favorite authors. Cheryl and Steve now host the Dear Sugars podcast.  They answer some pretty hard hitting questions and cover some deep topics. It’s like having a super wise older sister/brother or that really cool seasoned aunt/uncle you can talk to about anything hanging out in your ears.


I started following Cristen & Caroline when the hosted Stuff Mom Never Told You. I was super duper bummed out when they stopped hosting  but I’m a survivor. A few months after they discontinued hosting SMNTY(a year maybe) they began Unladylike. Cristen & Caroline investigate how us ladies are getting shit done for ourselves all while dealing with unspoken bullshit rules about the way women should be doing things. And there is nothing I love more than a good feminist rant.

honorable mentions:

Death By Champagne

Call Your Girlfriend

Girls Gotta Eat

True Crime Garage


What are some of your must listens?