Your Newborn Isn’t The Worst Baby We’ve Ever Seen

Your newborn is not the worst baby to ever grace my studio nor will she or he make me never want to photograph an infant again. I promise.

Newborn Photography

Every parent comes in scared that their kid is not going to sleep, will pee or poop all over me, and therefore scar me for life making me never want children. I’m here to tell you that your child is not the first child to poop on me. It happens quite literally every time I photograph a newborn. And it does not phase me a single bit.

As you might be aware, I am not a parent; but I can see how scary it is to be a first time parent.

You have so much on your plate and all the sudden you are responsible for this tiny little squish that can’t tell you what she or he needs. I’m here to tell you that you do not need to worry about what happens in the studio. Anything that could happen has and your baby isn’t going to be the last one to poop on me.

It is likely your trip to the studio is the first time out of your home with the little nugget since you left the hospital. It’s all new; there are different smells and sounds. It’s pretty scary for a little guy or gal! We take measures to make it as homey and comfortable as possible, but there is no comfort like that of home.

At EKP we LOVE wraps, so do those little ones!

We start off wrapping and swaddling to make your little squish cozy and warm. When they’re all safe and wrapped up they fall right to sleep. And if they don’t right away, that’s OKAY too! Not all babies are going to drift off to dream land right off the bat. We’re cool with it.

We also use buckets and bins lined with the softest fur imaginable to make snug little cocoons. These are some of my favorite images of little newborns!

Once the little nugget is at home and comfortable that’s when we try to move on to those puck images every loves with the little back rolls and pooched up baby bottom.

So you see: we’ve seen it all at EKP.

There is no need to worry about anything; we’ve got you! Your newborn session is a time to enjoy someone else taking care of that squish butt. Take a nap, drink some coffee, have an uninterrupted snack. Most importantly stay cool, because that little nugget can sense when you’re upset!

I am here to answer any and all questions!