Morning Sounds

Morning sounds. You know those noises of a quiet, yet not, house before anyone else is awake? Not even Sandy. They are also for me, night owl sounds. I believe those are my favorite sounds.

Morning Sounds

The sound of the dryer rumbling, then the sound of the coffee dripping. After a while the dishwasher starts its swooshing. Yeah, those are great sounds.

I often find myself going balls to the wall from the moment I wake up until I finally do that robotic break down thing and hope I’m near a soft surface. Never making time to enjoy little escapes.

Here in the last couple of days I have been finding myself making time to enjoy this quiet time to myself; allowing myself to be still before I head to the studio. Granted once I’m at the studio there is lots of sitting or standing still; because editing, but my mind races like a methodic machine doing tasks I have memorized and perfected throughout the years.

Allowing time to be still and think or not think; maybe just to look out the window, is something I have never and imagine most folks have never excelled at. In a society in which being busy and stressed to the max are honored badges of something… Idiocy perhaps. I always felt taking time to breathe and drink my coffee at a pace which doesn’t resemble the shotgunning of a beer was time wasted.

This week I’ve been learning that it is time won back. Time for me, that until now, I’ve never taken. Time that recharges me for the day to come. It’s incredibly hard for women to justify to themselves that taking a minute, let alone 5 or more for themselves is okay. We think we have to be going 90 to nothing from the minute we wake up until the minute we do that robot crash thing. We can’t help it; it’s the way our society has molded us.

When all you do is take care of others and never yourself you end up failing. I challenge you to listen to the Morning Sounds (or Night Owl Sounds.) This week take 10 minutes each day to enjoy some time alone.

I’m off to fold those towels that are rumbling in the dryer. Happy Wednesday 😉