McKinley | Year One

Where do I begin with this spunky little lady? I have photographed nearly every milestone in her mommy and daddy’s life. Proposal, engagement, wedding, pregnancy announcement, maternity, birth, newborn, seriously; all of them. I couldn’t ask for better friends and clients than Anthony & Caitlin. Not only have I been there for them, but they’ve been a solid support system for me too.

When they asked me to photograph the birth of their little girl I immediately agreed, and then promptly freaked the hell out because WHAT HAVE I AGREED TO?!?! How am I going to be in the birthing suite? I’m gonna pass out. I can’t handle this! I need an adult.

Seeing the birth of a baby is the most magical thing I have ever been a part of. I’m tearing up again just reminiscing on the experience. Seeing a strong little fighter come into this world completely changed how I felt about having kids; I never wanted children of my own. I was content being the crazy auntie who showed up with candy and presents. That all changed the day McKinley was born.

I am incredibly honored the Hartings continue to support not only my art and my business but also my family. We’re friends first and I cannot wait to continue on their journey of life with them. And maybe one day they’ll move back to the neighborhood!

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