Super Secret Method For Conquering Your Todo List

As a self-professed kickass entrepreneur. My todo list is never freaking ending. I have tried every from of planner, tracking system, bullet journal, push what have yous the market has to offer. Always trying to find the best way to keep my life right and my shit together. But why mess with success? Ha, see what I did there?

Super Secret Method for Conquering Your Todo List

Seriously though, I came up with a system in my senior year of college and have molded it to exactly what I need; ensuring I get every task completed. I have tried all the other methods thinking there was a better system out there. When it comes down to the nitty gritty; this self designed system has kept me in line and my stress in order for the last 7 years. Why try to change it now?

are you ready for my life altering, game changing, mind-blowing todo list secret?

For my system you don’t need much; just a small notebook. I like to keep them around 5×7 inches and so help me God, if it is not spiral bound my life is a complete disaster. Each page gets a day. Each task gets written down with a tick box. If it doesn’t get completed: I’m only human, y’all, the task gets moved to another day. At the end of each month there is a notes section for all my big ideas, conference call notes, braindumps, etc. My notebooks usually last 3-4 months.

It’s simple as that. You don’t need these big elaborate $75 planners. If that’s your thing, who the heck am I discourage your system? I just could not make it my thing. And that is OKAY! Don’t over stress yourself with something that the goal is to make your life easier.

I do use Google Keep to hold long term tasks, goals, ideas but they all eventually find their way to the todo notebook. Google Keep is merely a way for me to house items until they need to be put into action or a way to make a list when I’m on the move and don’t have my book.

What methods do you use to track your tasks?