April Showers Bring May Flowers

At the beginning of March I came back to the studio full time. I left a job with a steady paycheck, insurance, and paid vacation. I returned to the studio and life I had designed and built. As it turned out the grass was not any greener on the other side. I wanted my dream life back! Little did I know that 10 days later I would be ordered to close my doors until April 7th. Then until April 30th. And now, the stay at home order has been extended through the end of May. 

April Showers Bring May FlowersThe last 2 months have been a rollercoaster ride. In the beginning it was the perfect opportunity to get my systems in place. After all, I had been out of the game for 6 months. It was prime time to get marketing strategies ready to roll out, schedule yearly specials and really hone in on 2020 goals. I was pumped and ready to be back!

Then, Stay at Home orders were extended to April 30 and it was time to truly pivot. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to photograph to my full capacity, but a little was better than nothing! Especially being unsure about the status of SBA loans and the like. Enter, Front Porch Sittin’, which was super fun while it lasted! Then before long those sessions were no longer an option.

I had plans for the remainder of Stay at Home. Plans to get back into blogging. Plans to work on those creative “me” projects that there just hadn’t been time for. 

Then the darkness came. I began to fall into the dark depression that made me seek a different path last August. You see, when I am not working I feel useless. I feel like I have no purpose and there is no point in going on. 

As it goes with depression I just stopped caring. No one gives a shit what I have to say so what’s the point of blogging. My printer is closed so all of those posts I was going to share about my favorite products we offer, irrelevant. Creativity wasn’t coming, if I had an idea I talked myself out of it. I hauled my camera around with me just in case inspiration hit. It never did. 

I was human-doing, not human-being.

I was sledging  along in the world waiting…. Waiting.  When I’m not working, it gets dark. And it gets scary. 

What many people don’t understand about depression is that it’s not all bad. Like everyday life, there are good days and there are bad days. As it goes, April wasn’t all bad; The Farmer built me a raised-bed garden. I had been wanting to start a garden since I moved out to the farm! Last year was a great year of change and it wasn’t the right time. But this year…  I planted my first crop! I am excited to watch my babies grow and I have proven myself to actually be kind of useful around the farm. I’m learning the ropes and I want to help and be involved!

Being involved on the farm allows me to work and have purpose even if it’s not working in EKP. Life and dreams are ever evolving. That’s how you know you are growing as a person and spirit. After all, isn’t growth the real purpose of life on Earth?

As the old saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. It rings true year after year. We are weathering this storm together, dear friends. April was a tough month! I am truly grateful for everyone who booked a front porch session; they were so much fun!! May will likely be pretty hard too; I have faith that we will get through this as well. Because more often than not, the shit we go through becomes manure. We bust out of the soil stronger and ready to flourish.

Beginning on May Day, Friday, May 1st, I was able to begin booking modified outdoor sessions!!

Modified how? Well, unfortunately we won’t be able to meet at the studio for our pre-session consultation or for our live viewing of your images. BUT that won’t stop us from heading out to session locations to document your family images. I have a ton of locations up my sleeve, everyone will still get their unique EKP experience.

I’m super pumped to get back to work; give us a call today at (618)545-0409 or shoot us a message to get your session on the books today! 

I look forward to hearing from you!